Generators are reliable backup sources for electricity when power goes out for extreme weather conditions. Although there are many brands and types available in the market but their prices are often affordable. They use different fuel options and offer different features. They are built in various sizes and capabilities to provide various amounts of energy.

There are 2 main types of generators:

  • Standby generator which is automatically connected when the power is out.
  • Manual transfer switch generator which requires you to manually connect it after power is out.

Fairfax Mechanical has experienced electricians who can choose the most appropriate generator size and type for your needs so you don’t have to pay extra money for a feature you don’t necessarily need!

We offer our backup generator services for repair and maintenance to all residential and commercial buildings in Northern Virginia.

Call us at (202) 552 94 74 When you need to install or repair your backup generator and we promise that you won’t stay in the dark or cold in a stormy night.

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