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Boiler installation

If you are planning to install a boiler, it is always better to know more about the product, available options and how they work. This way, you can make an informative decision and choose a trusted service provider to do the job for you.

How does a boiler work?

Boiler is an equipment to provide heat just like furnace or heat pump but it works differently and provides hot water too!

It can be part of a central heating system or work stand alone.

It might be powered by gas, oil or electricity but it works in a similar way nonetheless. It uses the fuel to heat water and pump it to all radiators located in different parts of your property or radiant floor system throughout your building. Once it travels through the radiator, the heat is transferred to surrounding environment and the air is warmed. The water becomes cold and is pumped back to the boiler just to go through the same process again!

In case of gas and oil fuels, the thermostat detects a drop in temperature and turns the boiler on. The fuel flows into a combustion chamber and gets ignited. The combustion energy caused by the ignition is transferred to a heat exchanger running alongside a pipe or chamber that holds cold water. This water is then heated and distributed to give off its heat to the entire building and provide hot water.

In case of electric boiler, the electricity heats electric elements which in turn transfer the heat to the water. The electric boiler is definitely cleaner in terms of environmental concerns but it is more expensive and less efficient compared to its counterparts.

There are 3 main types of boilers that are different in the way they handle water storage:

  1. Conventional
    Conventional boilers are used in places with traditional heating systems. The hot water is pumped to a cylinder to be stored for later use. This type of boiler requires a cold water storage tank and an additional tank to keep water levels consistent throughout the system. It might be helpful in summer since the boiler doesn’t need to be turned on every time you need hot water!
  2. System
    System boilers also store hot water in storage tank but they take the cold water directly from your water piping system; therefore, a cold water thank is not required. Another advantage is that other components are integrated into the boiler itself to save space and make installation easier!
  3. Combi
    Combi boilers are the latest generation that has become very popular due to their many advantages. Combi boilers heat water as it comes directly from the pipes meaning they heat water as soon as you turn on a tap in the shower, bathroom or kitchen; therefore, there is no need for hot water cylinder or cold water storage tank. Combi boilers are extremely efficient but in the summertime the boiler will heat up every time you turn on a tap for hot water which is not energy efficient or temperature friendly for surrounding environment!

Each type of boiler has its own advantages and disadvantages so it really depends on your specific need and preference. You definitely want a boiler that has reasonable price and excellent efficiency while providing heat for your entire residential or commercial building without raising your energy bill unreasonably.

Condensing and non-Condensing boilers

In addition to categorizing boilers in the above 3 type, they are also either condensing or non-condensing.

Condensing boilers capture the heat that is normally lost through steam in conventional boilers. They condense the steam (hence the name) and deliver it back to the boiler in a condensate pipe! The condensation makes them more efficient. According to GSA, under the right conditions, they will outperform non-condensing boilers by 14%.

Boiler repair

If your property is not heated enough or you are showering with cold water and there is too many noises coming from your boiler, it is not working properly due to some technical problems. The pilot light might be broken, the water is probably leaking somewhere and thermostat is not detecting the right temperature! Perhaps you are seeing a sudden surge in your energy bill as well?!

Whatever the technical problem is, our highly trained and experienced technicians can detect the issue and solve it cost effectively.

Boiler Maintenance

If you do not want to experience cold shower in a winter morning, it is wiser to pre-schedule maintenance with us. This way you avoid unexpected big replacement cost too!

Regular maintenance keeps your boiler working properly all heating season and provides hot water all year round without breaking your budget.

At Fairfax Mechanical, we are committed to serve you promptly and professionally. Your trust is our reward and we value our relationship and lasting happy memories for years to come.

Fair price is the foundation of our high quality service and we give our most honest assessment to save you from expensive options when buying or repairing your boiler.

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