You have set up your business to serve others and earn income but it shouldn’t be difficult maintaining your commercial property and using modern technologies!

This is where we, the Fairfax Mechanical, come in and help you to maintain everything at peak performance!

We offer our world class services for heating and cooling systems along with electricity and plumbing.

We excel at installation, repair and maintenance of top brands.

We are available to Northern Virginia and beyond, 24/7, for emergencies and pre-scheduled services.

We are licensed, bonded and insured service provider with many years of experience in commercial services.

Our qualified Electricians and licensed Plumbers are updated with latest modern technologies and regulations.

Our evaluation and prices are honest and fair and your trust is valuable to us.

Our professional relationship is everything to us and we strive to maintain it for a very longtime.

Your devices must operate during office hours without any delay so you don’t lose valuable customers or sales. That is why we engineer the most appropriate backup generator system.

The lighting must be efficient for your employees to work efficiently while providing aesthetics as well. The exterior lighting adds value to your property and business image while providing safety and security. We can make that happen!

The heating and cooling system must be proportional to your building so the right temperature is maintained in each season and weather condition. You are in charge of safety and security of your employees in the office; therefore, installing security devices inside and out is a must and we can help you with that!

Employee health is also a great concern for any business and maintaining perfectly operating bathrooms are part of the process and we just know how to do that!

Call us NOW and optimize your commercial property for success.

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