Whether it is for security purpose or beautification, exterior lighting is a worthwhile investment in every property that adds value!

Security lighting makes it easier for you to spot intruders and vandalisers by leaving no place for them to hide. It creates peace of mind and a sense of protection for you, your family and your employees while scaring away the intruders and lowering the security risks. Security light has low power consumption and is often turned on automatically in the dark.

Exterior lighting also provides safety and prevents accidents when you are walking around stairways or paths at dark.

Landscape lighting improves the aesthetic of your building and makes it more appealing especially at night. It showcases the unique architectural features of your property that you spent a lot of time and money to design!

Patio, deck or backyard lighting helps to illuminate the green spaces of your property making it more enjoyable for entertainment, whether for a family barbecue or Friday office gathering! Even holding a wedding in your backyard is possible with proper exterior lighting done with creative experts!

At Fairfax Mechanical, we are expert at exterior lighting for safety, security and aesthetic purposes with the knowledge of latest technologies.

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