Heating and Cooling Maintenance

Heating and Cooling Maintenance

Give yourself the gift of PEACE OF MIND and schedule HEATING & COOLING MAINTENANCE with us!

Regular maintenance helps you save money and stay healthy all year round!
Pre-scheduled maintenance helps your HVAC system run energy efficiently, reducing your energy bill! When your heating and cooling system is maintained regularly, any small issue is detected and fixed immediately, preventing them from turning to bigger and more expensive problems. It extends the lifespan of your HVAC.

Heating and cooling maintenance is a smart investment that has big return!

Don’t wait for emergency call in the middle of winter to repair your broken heating system and risk your health! Instead, make the smarter choice and schedule our maintenance service to have your heating and cooling system tuned-up regularly and avoid medical bills!

At Fairfax Mechanical, we maintain all major brands of all types of heating and cooling systems:

  • Furnace maintenance
  • Central air conditioner maintenance
  • Boiler maintenance
  • Mini-split system maintenance
  • Air evaporative system maintenance
  • Water heater maintenance

Keeping you warm in the cold winter is our goal!

Your furnace or heater should have a sufficient air flow to work normally otherwise it runs the risk of overworking which reduces its lifespan. All components should work optimally in order for the unit to perform its task of keeping you and your place warm. If the thermostat does not detect the temperature and the burner doesn’t have enough flame or the heat exchanger doesn’t pass the hot air, your furnace will not make you warm enough in the cold weather. Not to mention all delicate components that make up your furnace that is only observed with the trained and experienced eyes of a technician. There are also safety concerns regarding the carbon monoxide leak which is hardly detectable by you due to its odorless nature!

Let us help you keep your cool!

Your air conditioner collects debris which prevents the cool air to flow freely and might instead circulate the dust in the environment. It might create unusual odor or cool the space unevenly. The filters must be changed regularly and the insulation must be inspected as well.

The ductwork needs clean up for the heating and cooling system to work healthfully at the same time preventing heat or cool loss which will affect the health of your budget by causing a higher energy bill!

Air humidifier requires check-up to make sure right amount of moisture is distributed in your environment to prevent mold growth which is a major health concern.

Heating and Cooling Maintenance

In addition, check-ups are required by manufacturers for effective warranties! Avoid the loss of your HVAC warranty and request maintenance today!

When you request a heating and cooling maintenance service, one of our highly trained and experienced staff will respond to schedule a visit. Our professional staff will arrive at your residential or commercial place on time and inspect your entire heating and cooling system. A contract is offered for 2 annual maintenance appointments for heating and cooling seasons in which all details are laid out.

At each pre-scheduled maintenance, every component of your entire heating and cooling system is inspected and if any repair or replacement is required you will be provided with all available options to help you make the most affordable yet efficient choice. Our experienced staffs are trained to always repair your existing heating and cooling system unless replacement is absolutely necessary.

You should expect excellent heating and cooling maintenance service and we exceed your expectation!

Honesty is our approach and quality service is our motto to earn your trust and provide long lasting heating and cooling maintenance service that keeps you comfortable in any season!

At Fairfax mechanical we maintain your heating & cooling system so you don’t have to experience discomfort in your own home or office.

Request a heating & cooling maintenance service NOW!

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