Heating & Cooling Repair

heating and cooling repair

Heating and cooling systems are just machines that can break when you least expect but most need them. Knowing a reliable local repair service provider to ask for help is a smart choice!
At Fairfax Mechanical, we provide quality service gained from years of experience on Northern Virginia.
We can repair your heating and cooling system in home or office at any time of the day to provide you, your family and your team with the right temperature that you need and desire!
We are expert at HVAC systems and can repair its entire components to save you from the cost of replacing them!

It stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning and is a complete system of temperature control for an entire residential or commercial space. It consists of many components that work in collaboration to provide your pre-set temperature.

Heating systems

heating system

Heating system in cold months of the year is essential and you want them to keep working optimally. Nothing is worth than a cold winter night when your furnace or boiler stops working!

There are different heating systems:


Furnace or heater is the heat provider of your HVAC system. It might work with gas or electricity in a not very complicated manner. When the temperature in your home or office drops below your pre-set degree, the thermostat turns on the furnace by flowing gas into the burner to get ignited and create flame. Hot air is produced as a result that flows through a heat exchanger and is pumped all the way in the ductwork to the rooms.
In case of electrical furnace, the heat is produced by electric elements instead of gas burner that are controlled by circuit breakers.
Modern furnaces use advanced technology and are energy efficient so if your energy bill is suspiciously high, we can find the problem and offer an efficient solution!


Boiler is a system for heating the water to create steam and warm an entire environment. Its work starts with a thermostat that detects a drop in temperature and turns on the boiler so the fuel can heat the water contained in the boiler. The heated water or steam flows through the entire environment by radiators or radiant floor system to warm the air. When water or steam cools, it recirculates back to the boiler to go through the same process until your pre-set temperature is reached and thermostat turns the boiler off.

Water heater

The water heater is simply an insulated tank that heats the water entered through a dip tube and funneled to the bottom to be heated by the fuel source which can be gas or electricity. When the stored heated water is used in kitchen or bathroom, the cold water enters again and process is repeated.

Cooling systems

cooling system

When in the hot seasons, your cooling system is the must have to save you from hyperthermia.
There are different types of cooling systems:

Central air conditioning

Central air conditioning is the whole system of extracting warm air from your environment, cooling it and re-circulating it back as cooled air until thermostat reaches your desired temperature! The cooled air is distributed through the ductwork to all rooms.

Ductless system

Ductless system goes through the same process of an AC by collecting warm air, cooling and circulating the cooled air back to the space. The only difference is the size of the space which is smaller; therefore, no sophisticated ductwork is required and no high cost is paid! They are very energy efficient.

Other components of HVAC

Your heating or cooling system includes other components that keep the entire system working optimally:

Air humidification

Air humidification is part of your HVAC system to moisturize the air and prevent dry environment. It helps with alleviating symptoms associated with dryness in your skin, nose and throat but also reduces static electricity and damage to your walls and furniture. It also creates warmer temperature without burning your furnace!

Duct fabrication

Ductwork is a main component of your HVAC system as heated or cooled air flows through it and is distributed in entire environment at your home or office. Done properly, it prevents the loss of heating or cooling capacity of your HVAC system and possible rise in your energy bill!
It should also be kept clean for health concerns!


Home or office zoning means having multiple thermostats wired to a control panel to set the dampers inside the ductwork of your HVAC system. Each of these thermostats detects the temperature in their own zone and opens or closes the damper to reach the pre-set temperature.

Heating and Cooling Repair

If any of your heating or cooling systems doesn’t turn on, doesn’t provide heat or cold air and has too much noise or bad smell, there might be a component that is not working properly, then it is time to repair!
Our highly trained and experienced technicians can efficiently repair the faulty component of your HVAC system so you don’t have to replace them, helping you save money!
We at Fairfax Mechanical are a Licensed, Bonded and Insured HVAC service provider with highly trained and experienced technicians who are up-to-date with latest technologies and regulations that can help you in a professional manner to have your desired warmth in winter and cooled air in summer.
We aim to deliver honest assessment, best quality products with a fair price in order to earn your trust and build relationship for years to come.

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