Is the cold weather making your skin dry? Or maybe running the heater too hot makes the air in your property dry?

Humidifier is the solution to solve your dryness problem!

Humidifier is a device that controls the humidity level in the air inside a property by adding or removing moisture. It humidifies the air when an external or internal factor is sapping the moisture out of the air. Either very cold or very hot weather can dry the air.

Humidifier can be a part of your HVAC system although there are portable options as well which have less power and thus cover a smaller area.

At Fairfax Mechanical, we cover all your humidifier needs including installation, repair and maintenance so you don’t have to breathe dry air.

Benefits of Humidifier

Humidifier has many benefits for your health and longevity by controlling humidity in the air which in both extremes can be problematic.

Certain airborne pathogens move easier in dry air that is why flu is common in cold weather. Dryness can also cause dry skin. Adding moisture to the air hydrates your skin and soothes irritated and inflamed sinuses and airways which reduce nasal secretions to make breathing easier. It can also help you sleep better.

Dry air also damages musical instruments, furniture, cabinets, walls and wallpapers and increases static electricity which in turn damages sensitive electrical equipment not to mention the annoying effect it has on your hair!

Installing a central humidifier saves you energy and money because higher humidity level allows you to set your thermostat lower which cuts back on your electric bill.

Fairfax Mechanical has qualified staffs with deep understanding of humidifier systems and requirements that can help you get the best of your humidifier.

How does a central Humidifier work?

Central Humidifier is integrated into your HVAC system so it can humidify the air while it is being heated. The water is pumped automatically into the humidifier from household plumbing.

Humidifier is available in different designs, systems and sizes but all of them turn water into vapor to be vented into your building at an adjustable rate.

There are different types of humidifier systems:

  • Drum Humidifier which has a rotating sponge that absorbs water from a tray. Air from central HVAC system blows through the sponge, collects moisture and passes through the furnace to vaporize it and flow it through the ductwork into your rooms. The drum type requires more maintenance because mold and impurities can accumulate in water tray.
  • Bypass Humidifier or flow-through also uses the furnace to add moisture to warm air. It takes warm air from the ductwork and passes it through a water tray to allow the air collect moisture and deliver it back into the building. A bypass humidifier can be installed on the supply or return vent of your central HVAC. Excess water exits the tray into a drain tube and no stagnant water remains; therefore, less maintenance is required because the draining process has a self-cleaning effect.
  • Fan-Powered Humidifier uses a fan to push the air through the water tray to increase water evaporation. It can produce up to a gallon more humidity per day compared to bypass humidifier. It is also more energy efficient because the internal fan uses electricity as much as a 25W light bulb.
  • Steam Humidifier boils water electrically to create steam for humidity which is then picked up and pushed through the ductwork. It is fast and efficient in increasing and maintaining proper levels of humidity in your property while keeping it pure and natural. Steam humidifier creates moisture regardless of your heating/cooling system and is a great option for bigger spaces.

Humidifier is controlled by a humidistat which is adjustable. Some new models are automatic but they all require your attention. The humidistat contains a chart that is used to properly set the humidity level based on the outdoor temperature. If adjustment is not done, condensation collects on the cool surfaces and potentially cause mold growth or wood rot.

We at Fairfax Mechanical have extensive experience in installing every type of humidifier system and in repairing when they cause problem.

Humidifier Maintenance

If not maintained properly, humidifiers can sometimes cause diseases. There is risk of contamination from airborne pollutants such as bacteria and fungi which can grow in humidifiers and circulate in the air by vapor. The symptoms range from flu-like symptoms to serious infections and inflammations.

They might also cause white dust from minerals in the water to accumulate on the surfaces.

Over-humidified air will cause condensed water to appear on the interior surfaces of windows and other cool surfaces. Excessive moisture can damage windowpanes and walls but it can also collect on the inner lining of walls which can ruin insulation and cause peeling, cracking or blistering the paint which in turn leads to mold accumulation. Molds grow in moist environments and can be hazardous to people with compromised immune system.

Fairfax Mechanical offers preventative maintenance contract to help you avoid emergency repair and replacement costs while allowing your humidifier to work efficiently and reduce your energy bill considerably. Our highly trained and experienced staffs will inspect your humidifier at pre-set appointments to make sure it is working at its best and cleanest.

Our goal in Fairfax Mechanical is to be honest and fair in our assessment to help you have the most appropriate level of humidity in your property and enjoy the health and financial benefits of having a Humidifier.

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