Kitchen Equipment

Kitchen Equipment

If you use Restaurant Kitchen Equipment, we repair it!

Restaurant kitchen equipment is the heart of any restaurant without which there will be no delicious meal and dessert to serve to demanding customers.

At Fairfax Mechanical, we are expert at Installing, repairing and maintenance of all major brands of Kitchen Equipment to help you get the best of your restaurant investment.

We cover all your kitchen equipment needs and provide highly trained and experienced staff for HVAC, refrigeration, electrical and plumbing systems.

We specialize in everything restaurant kitchen equipment and offer our services to Northern Virginia to help local restaurant businesses succeed and local people enjoy their meals in restaurants!

Kitchen Equipment Installation

If you are just opening a new restaurant or expanding the existing one, installing kitchen equipment is on top of your list.

Restaurant kitchen equipments are too many such as refrigeration, cooking, sinks and dish washing machines which have different brands, types and sizes.

Safety is a priority in restaurant kitchen. There are fire and heat and too many devices working with electricity or gas which make it an ideal place for combustion; therefore, proper combustible clearance is critical for safety concerns.

The installation should be optimized for your unique needs and preferences so all restaurant staffs are comfortable doing their job while customers are enjoying their meal.

Only factory trained and experienced technicians can correctly and safely install your equipment and Fairfax Mechanical has such technicians!

Restaurant HVAC systems

Restaurant HVAC systems

HVAC systems in restaurants are more sensitive compared to other commercial buildings. Due to the presence of too much heat, odor and food safety concerns, a HVAC in a restaurant must be able to replace and condition a lot of exhaust air and cool too much heat.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is of high importance in a restaurant because of all gases and smokes that can be dangerous for health of your customers and employees.

Proper ventilation is essential for safety and comfort of all people present and make-up air can help to achieve that but it must be done professionally because either too much or too little will disrupt the system.

Range Hoods and fans must be positioned correctly to pull out all gases, greases, smokes, vapors and odors in order to provide the highest air quality possible in a restaurant. More emphasize must be put on collecting dangerous odorless gases such as carbon monoxide resulted from the gas-powered stove tops.

When installing HVAC system, the dining room, restroom and outdoor dining should be considered as well.

Restaurant HVAC should have a careful and calculated design so no extra cost is paid for equipment that are not necessary and will just increase your utility bill.

Not done properly, it will cause customer dissatisfaction, less employee productivity, food spoilage and high energy bill which all results in financial loss for you, not to mention the safety concerns!

At Fairfax Mechanical we offer design creativity and technical skills which are necessary for standard kitchen HVAC installation.

Restaurant Refrigeration

Restaurant refrigeration has many varieties which include walk-in, reach-in and bar fridges. They come in wide range of sizes and brands.

They must be selected in proportion to your restaurant size in order to avoid unnecessary cost and installed in correct location for maximum food safety, productivity and comfort.

At Fairfax mechanical we have worked with many restaurants and gained deep knowledge of the business requirement. We also have immense experience with many refrigeration brands which makes us a reliable source when it comes to installing your refrigeration system.

Restaurant Ice Makers

Ice makers are essential part of any restaurant kitchen in order to serve ice-cold drinks that customers always demand. They come in different shapes and models such as full cube, half cube, flake, nugget and specialty.

We, at Fairfax Mechanical, offer our extensive experience installing restaurant ice makers of any major brand in order to help you keep serving your loyal customers.

Kitchen Equipment Repair

We know that TIME is the most critical factor in your restaurant which contributes a lot to your success that is why we always prioritize restaurant repair emergencies!

Our highly trained and licensed staffs will arrive at your restaurant promptly to inspect the situation honestly and offer all affordable options professionally. They will execute the solution immediately and will leave only when your kitchen is working efficiently again.

Fridges are expensive and normally hold great amount of inventory. Even the shortest downtime can cause food safety concerns and financial damage.

We fix issues related to power, temperature, compressor, evaporator fan and lighting and provide services such as case cleaning, defrosting, de-icing and leak fixing.

Ice makers come in different models and makes but their issues are the same. Often mineral deposit will result in the water system becoming coated with mineral residue which will reduce performance and cause problems such as slow ice making, low water flow, water leaking inside or outside and too much noise.

We make sure your ice maker is quickly up and running to serve your customers.

Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a smart choice to avoid emergency repairs and replacements, reduce downtime and loss of customers.

Regular maintenance puts your mind at ease and keeps your biggest worry at bay which is the best result you can get from any service!

You can also enjoy the benefits of your equipments’ warranty if they are regularly maintained by a licensed service provider.

By maintaining your equipments with a pre-scheduled plan, they will work more efficiently which leads to reduced energy bill, longer lifespan and higher customer satisfaction.

We offer maintenance contracts in which your restaurant kitchen equipment will be inspected at regular intervals by our factory qualified and licensed technicians to make sure your equipments are working at their best.

Fairfax Mechanical is your reliable service provider that offers honest and high standard service at fair price and in return, your trust is the best result we can get from any job!

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