Air Conditioning Repair in Fairfax

July is here and the temperature has increased to the highest level in Fairfax and the air pollution is worse than ever. Without air conditioning to cool and clean the air in your property, it becomes unbearable, making you sick and heat-shocked but you don’t have to buy brand new equipment when you can have Air Conditioning Repair in Fairfax.

 The good news is that replacing a small part doesn’t cost you fortunes and with a professional repair service provider you can be certain that your investment continues to work for a very long time. The life span of an air conditioning is more than 20 years if it is maintained and repaired with a highly skilled technician.

 In this article, we will discuss Air Conditioning Repair in Fairfax so you become knowledgeable about your equipment investment and the best option to repair it.

 What can go wrong in an air conditioning?

 Air conditioning is just a machine; therefore, it is susceptible to fault and breaking. It has many large and small parts that together make the machine working. If any of these parts breaks or becomes misplaced, the whole machine will not work. Even if it works, it will not perform its job of cooling optimally causing energy loss and a big energy bill.

 Seasonal tune-up is a necessity for air conditioning repair in Fairfax that is why it is recommended to schedule a pre-summer maintenance so you don’t have to call for emergency repair in the middle of summer heat and be faced with a big repair or replacement cost. Any small issue can be fixed before it becomes big and expensive.

 Air conditioning has 2 main types:

 Mini split

 Central HVAC

 Mini split

 Mini split needs no ductwork instead it utilizes individual fan and evaporator for the room it is installed in. It has one outdoor unit holding compressor and condenser. Mini split has different types including dual-zone and tri-zone models. They have one compressor with up to 8 indoor units. They are set by multiple programmable thermostats or remote controllers to create independent temperatures for each room or zone. The number of zones depends on the size of your property. Mini split provides better control over temperature for each room which results in lower energy bill. It has less noise and more efficiency. The modern mini splits can connect to your smart phone for remote controlling.

 Central HVAC

 Central HVAC is the complete package of cooling and heating solution. It has 2 main types including ductless system and package. The ductless system is often installed in residential buildings with 2 separate cabinets, one in the backyard and one in the basement. The package system has only one cabinet holding all components on the rooftop. Commercial buildings usually install rooftop units (RTU). The both types work with gas or electricity but hybrid options are available as well.

 An air conditioner works like a refrigerator because it evaporates a chemical refrigerant to cool the air. It just doesn’t have the insulated box. The cool refrigerant is compressed by compressor turning its temperature to hot and its state to high-pressure gas. A set of coils in the condenser force the gas to release heat and turn to a cool liquid. The expansion valve evaporates the cool liquid and turns it to cold, low-pressure gas. The cold gas moves through evaporator coils to be forced by heat and release its coldness to the passing air and turning it to cold air. This cold air then moves through the entire ductworks in all your rooms. To begin again, the refrigerant is pumped back to the compressor.

 Due to this complex process and all the parts that are involved, many things can go wrong with your air conditioning:

 It might not turn on or off or might not respond to remote controller which is often resulted from electrical issue but a small valve may need replacement.

 Its cooling power might reduce that can be due to refrigerant being leaked. Without refrigerant the air-con will turn to a simple fan. Compressor issues can reduce the cooling output as well.

 Cold spots can be resulted from overworking and constant automatic on and off which is related to thermostat. If you have zoning setup for independent temperatures in each room, all programmable thermostats must be regulated to get the desired results.

 Ice deposit might accumulate on the cooling coil which is resulted from lack of air flow related to filters, thermostats, fans and coils. Over time the ice formation becomes bigger and can break the coil leading to expensive coil replacement.

 There might be water pool created in the cabinet that can be related to evaporator coil problems which over time leads to the whole system failure and danger of electric shock.

 Unpleasant odor might be due to mold formation in the filter or ducts which is a serious health concern and must be taken care of immediately.

 Air pollution which is a big concern in Fairfax must be filtered by your air-con. If the air inside is heavy and not fresh, the filters must be cleansed and replaced immediately.

 Unusual noises are always related to bearings that are broken. It is really important for the motor function and can lead to much bigger costs.

 High energy bill might be an indicator of air filters being clogged or short cycling. It should be fixed immediately to prevent more cost.

 All above problems in the long term can turn to a bigger and more expansive air conditioning repair in Fairfax, not to mention the energy loss which leads to higher energy bill for you and more damage for environment and climate.

 Who can help you with Air Conditioning Repair in Fairfax?

 We at Fairfax Mechanical can help you repair your old air conditioning in order to avoid high price of replacement.

 We are available 24/7 for emergency calls to save you from Fairfax high heat but we strongly recommend scheduling a tune-up before emergencies. We offer residential and commercial air conditioning repair in Fairfax and North Virginia.

 We are licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind meaning: we as a contractor regularly pass the licensing test required by the state for our technical competency. We have purchased bond protection for you so in case something goes wrong with the job, your cost will be compensated. The bond is a kind of secured money under control of the state for consumer compensation. We have insurance for any accidents that might happen on the job to our technicians or your property so you are not responsible for the compensation.

 Our technicians are all NATE certified meaning they have passed the North American Technician Excellence tests in order t prove they have the real-world working knowledge of HVAC systems and their professional competency of service has been validated by the largest nonprofit certification organization in the US for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR).

 Our motive is to help you stay healthy and cool in hot summer and enjoy a fresh and clean air inside your property.

 Our goal is customer satisfaction and we do our best to achieve this goal by being professional, fair and honest. We arrive on time, provide you with the most honest assessment of the situation, provide only high quality parts, clean after ourselves and charge the most fair service fee. When we leave, we are confident that we did a great job and created the most value so you can trust us again and recommend us to others.

 We understand the harsh economic situation and that is why we have referral program to help you get some of your repair service cost back. By registering in our site you receive a unique referral code which you can distribute to family and friends. Whenever they use your referral code to register in our website or order a service, you will receive $200 cash to use for your next service.

 Air Conditioning Repair in Fairfax has never been easier and more affordable when Fairfax Mechanical does the job for you. It is our expertise and we do it with care and responsibility to keep you cool and comfortable this summer and all coming summers.

Sat Apr 24 2021