Refer us and make money

At Fairfax Mechanical we aim to provide you with the best services so your home and office are perfectly heated in the winter and cooled in the summer, refreshed with perfect air quality, lighted in the dark and plugged 24/7, glamorized with decorative lighting, secured with efficient exterior lighting and intrusion detecting systems, supplied with hot water all year round with no clogged or leaky pipe!

We love to see you, your family and your employees healthy and happy no matter the weather condition.

We want your property to be safe and secure and your business to be thriving using all modern technologies.

We offer our honest evaluation and the fairest price so you don’t have to pay more than what is needed in these economical conditions!

We constantly train our staff so they can deliver the latest technologies and updated regulations to you.

We have earned our license and paid our bond and insurance so you can feel safe working with us.

We have made ourselves available promptly for any emergency situation so you don’t have to experience discomfort.

We like to build a long lasting relationship with you for many years to come so you will never worry again about emergency repairs and maintenances.

We would like to thank you for trusting us and providing us with a chance to serve.

We want our service to be so memorable and satisfactory that you share your exciting experience with your family and friends.

As a valued customer, you can earn awards for sharing your experience and growing our community.

In the spirit of gratitude, we will award you 200$ each time a new referral customer is made by you.

All you have to do is to register in our website and receive your referral code and distribute it among your family and friends. Each time a new registration is made in our website using your referral code, you will be awarded 200$.

We will credit your account immediately and you can use it in your next service request.

At Fairfax Mechanical, our goal is to help you and your budget save and earn money when working with us and referring others.

We care about your budget and economical situation and will do anything to help you.

Our referral program is designed to help you get some cash back and reduce cost of your property maintenance.

If you are serious about earning money, you will distribute your referral code to all the people you know and the sooner you do it, the sooner you earn cash!

Your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues would love to know about your trusted service provider and to have the same quality service. They will thank you for referring them to us.

Register NOW and start using your referral code to EARN money.

Please note that our referral program only applies to installation and replacement services.

Repair and maintenance services are not included.

The referral code must be used at the time of registration for you to be awarded.

We can transfer your award or consider it for next service requests.

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