No matter what kind of residential property you live in, you deserve to be healthy, happy and comfortable! This is our motto.

At Fairfax Mechanical, we do our best for you to have what you need and desire when it comes to heating and cooling, electricity and plumbing services.

To make sure you feel safe with us, we are licensed, bonded and insured.

We are promptly available 24/7 for any emergency in Northern Virginia and beyond.

We are expert in installation, repair and maintenance of most major brands.

We hire and train qualified Electricians and licensed Plumbers who are up to date with latest technological advancements and regulations.

We are honest in the fair price we offer in order to earn and maintain your trust.

When we maintain your central heating and air conditioning, it will run smoothly. The indoor air quality remains fresh, the humidity level is just right, your water heater works round the clock for you to always have hot shower, your boiler is always ready to serve, your fridge is kept at optimum temperature for your food to be safe and your hood efficiently removes the undesirable odor and gases from your kitchen.

If we install and maintain your electrical panel and circuit breaker, it will last for a long time, supplying power to every appliance in your home. We keep outlet and switches in prime condition, design the most effective and attractive interior lighting and implement a stunning holiday lighting. We secure your property with highly advanced lighting and security systems and keep it up with a backup generator. Our ceiling fan installation keeps you and your budget cool and your electric car can enjoy its own charger right in your driveway.

With us, the pipes in your home are always clean with no visible or hidden leak, drains are always open, your shower runs smoothly and your bathroom behaves its best. The faucets are maintained regularly and your garbage disposal system works efficiently.

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