Rooftop Systems

Rooftop System

Do you want to have a quieter HVAC system that doesn’t occupy space in your backyard?

Then Rooftop Systems are the right choice for you!

At Fairfax Mechanical, we specialize in Rooftop Systems. We install, repair and maintain Rooftop Packages in Northern Virginia in order to help you have the comfort and health you deserve and the budget you can afford.

Rooftop System Installation

If you are interested in buying a brand new rooftop system, we recommend getting to know them first. This way you are more confident when talking to a service provider and comparing different options.

How does a Rooftop System work?

A packaged HVAC system located on the roof of a building is called Rooftop System or RTU.

They provide heating, ventilation and air conditioning in one single cabinet which is connected to the ventilation part of the system.

Rooftop systems are capable of both heating and cooling and can be configured either as air conditioner or as heater.

They are also capable of multi-zoning configuration which helps you have different temperatures in every part of your property.

With presence of a humidifier in a rooftop system, it can also regulate humidity level. It is a great asset for increasing indoor air quality, an advantage that split systems do not have!

The cabinet houses compressor, fan, condenser coil, blower, dampers, air handler and evaporator coil all in one place. This makes it easier to install and maintain in contrast to split systems that have two cabinets in separate locations, one inside the building and the other outside.

The ventilation part includes return and supply vents, ductwork, filters and a circulating fan which pulls the air from inside your rooms through the return vents, into the ductwork and over the equipment that either heat or cool the air. Then it pushes the conditioned air back into your rooms through the supply vents.

The cooling process starts with cool, low-pressure chemical refrigerant arriving at the compressor to turn into a hot, high-pressure gas and then flow into the condenser coil to become a cool liquid. The condenser fan blows the exhausted air away from the building through the ductwork into the rooftop. The liquid refrigerant passes through evaporator coil and turns into a gas to be able to absorb heat from the air that has been pulled by the circulating fan and make it ice-cold. The fan blows the ice-cold air through the supply vents into your rooms.

Rooftop System


Filters are placed over the return vents to prevent contaminants from entering to the sensitive system. The now warm refrigerant circulates back to the compressor to release its heat through the exhaust system and begin the process again until the room temperature reaches your pre-set degree.

The heating mode starts by return air arriving at heat exchanger which has become hot by the burner. At the contact, the air becomes warm and is pushed into your rooms by a fan through the supply vents.

Rooftop systems are commonly used by commercial buildings but residential properties can also enjoy the benefits of installing them. They don’t create noise as much as other HVAC systems and don’t occupy your backyard in addition to being super efficient.

Rooftop systems are built in different types and sizes, from 1.5 tons up to 162 tons of capacity which should be imperative to the size of your property. That is why only a professional can help you select the right system. Our experienced team conducts an honest and accurate assessment of your needs to help you maximize comfort and performance while minimizing costs.

New rooftop systems are extremely energy efficient and sustainable compared to the old ones and considering energy bills continually rising, you should certainly take into account the cost-effectiveness of the product. Our knowledgeable team can help you with selecting a new unit to save money on your energy cost.

There are many high quality brands in the market which makes the choice difficult for you. Our staffs are constantly trained with all major brands to stay up to date with their technological developments and they can help choose the most appropriate brand and model for your unique needs and preferences while providing reliability and flexibility.

Rooftop System Repair

Rooftop systems just like all HVAC units are complicated machines that use potentially hazardous chemicals so it is wiser to leave the repairing task to professionals who have received extensive training and licensing.

Fairfax mechanical is your trusted service provider, capable of quickly detecting the problem and offering a solution that is the most efficient in terms of cost and performance.

Give us a call at 202-552-9474 and we will be with you shortly.

Rooftop System Maintenance

Rooftop System maintenance

In order for you to benefit from your rooftop system warranty and keep it working at peak performance, we offer our pre-scheduled maintenance services.

Our professional staff will inspect your entire rooftop system regularly to make sure any small issue doesn’t turn into an unexpected budget crashing problem.

Our maintenance services also provide you with the peace of mind so you have one less thing to worry about which is the biggest return of investment!

Start your rooftop maintenance TODAY before it is too late.

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