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Heat and cooling

Heating and cooling systems are just machines that can break when you least expect but most need them. Knowing a reliable local repair service provider to ask for help is a smart choice! At Fairfax Mechanical, we provide quality service gained from years of experience on Northern Virginia. We can repair your heating and cooling system in home or office at any time of the day to provide you, your family and your team with the right temperature that you need and desire! We are expert at HVAC systems and can repair its entire components to save you from the cost of replacing them!

It stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning and is a complete system of temperature control for an entire residential or commercial space. It consists of many components that work in collaboration to provide your pre-set temperature.

Heating systems

Heating system in cold months of the year is essential and you want them to keep working optimally. Nothing is worth than a cold winter night when your furnace or boiler stops working!

There are different heating systems:


Furnace or heater is the heat provider of your HVAC system. It might work with gas or electricity in a not very complicated manner. When the temperature in your home or office drops below your pre-set degree, the thermostat turns on the furnace by flowing gas into the burner to get ignited and create flame. Hot air is produced as a result that flows through a heat exchanger and is pumped all the way in the ductwork to the rooms.
In case of electrical furnace, the heat is produced by electric elements instead of gas burner that are controlled by circuit breakers.
Modern furnaces use advanced technology and are energy efficient so if your energy bill is suspiciously high, we can find the problem and offer an efficient solution!


Boiler is a system for heating the water to create steam and warm an entire environment. Its work starts with a thermostat that detects a drop in temperature and turns on the boiler so the fuel can heat the water contained in the boiler. The heated water or steam flows through the entire environment by radiators or radiant floor system to warm the air. When water or steam cools, it recirculates back to the boiler to go through the same process until your pre-set temperature is reached and thermostat turns the boiler off.

Water heater

The water heater is simply an insulated tank that heats the water entered through a dip tube and funneled to the bottom to be heated by the fuel source which can be gas or electricity. When the stored heated water is used in kitchen or bathroom, the cold water enters again and process is repeated.

Cooling systems

When in the hot seasons, your cooling system is the must have to save you from hyperthermia.
There are different types of cooling systems:

Central air conditioning

Central air conditioning is the whole system of extracting warm air from your environment, cooling it and re-circulating it back as cooled air until thermostat reaches your desired temperature! The cooled air is distributed through the ductwork to all rooms.

Ductless system

Ductless system goes through the same process of an AC by collecting warm air, cooling and circulating the cooled air back to the space. The only difference is the size of the space which is smaller; therefore, no sophisticated ductwork is required and no high cost is paid! They are very energy efficient.

Other components of HVAC

Your heating or cooling system includes other components that keep the entire system working optimally:

Air humidification

Air humidification is part of your HVAC system to moisturize the air and prevent dry environment. It helps with alleviating symptoms associated with dryness in your skin, nose and throat but also reduces static electricity and damage to your walls and furniture. It also creates warmer temperature without burning your furnace!

Duct fabrication

Ductwork is a main component of your HVAC system as heated or cooled air flows through it and is distributed in entire environment at your home or office. Done properly, it prevents the loss of heating or cooling capacity of your HVAC system and possible rise in your energy bill!
It should also be kept clean for health concerns!


Home or office zoning means having multiple thermostats wired to a control panel to set the dampers inside the ductwork of your HVAC system. Each of these thermostats detects the temperature in their own zone and opens or closes the damper to reach the pre-set temperature.

Heating and Cooling Repair

If any of your heating or cooling systems doesn’t turn on, doesn’t provide heat or cold air and has too much noise or bad smell, there might be a component that is not working properly, then it is time to repair!
Our highly trained and experienced technicians can efficiently repair the faulty component of your HVAC system so you don’t have to replace them, helping you save money!
We at Fairfax Mechanical are a Licensed, Bonded and Insured HVAC service provider with highly trained and experienced technicians who are up-to-date with latest technologies and regulations that can help you in a professional manner to have your desired warmth in winter and cooled air in summer.
We aim to deliver honest assessment, best quality products with a fair price in order to earn your trust and build relationship for years to come.

Give yourself the gift of PEACE OF MIND and schedule HEATING & COOLING MAINTENANCE with us!

Regular maintenance helps you save money and stay healthy all year round!
Pre-scheduled maintenance helps your HVAC system run energy efficiently, reducing your energy bill! When your heating and cooling system is maintained regularly, any small issue is detected and fixed immediately, preventing them from turning to bigger and more expensive problems. It extends the lifespan of your HVAC.

Heating and cooling maintenance is a smart investment that has big return!

Don’t wait for emergency call in the middle of winter to repair your broken heating system and risk your health! Instead, make the smarter choice and schedule our maintenance service to have your heating and cooling system tuned-up regularly and avoid medical bills!

At Fairfax Mechanical, we maintain all major brands of all types of heating and cooling systems:

  • Furnace maintenance
  • Central air conditioner maintenance
  • Boiler maintenance
  • Mini-split system maintenance
  • Air evaporative system maintenance
  • Water heater maintenance

Keeping you warm in the cold winter is our goal!

Your furnace or heater should have a sufficient air flow to work normally otherwise it runs the risk of overworking which reduces its lifespan. All components should work optimally in order for the unit to perform its task of keeping you and your place warm. If the thermostat does not detect the temperature and the burner doesn’t have enough flame or the heat exchanger doesn’t pass the hot air, your furnace will not make you warm enough in the cold weather. Not to mention all delicate components that make up your furnace that is only observed with the trained and experienced eyes of a technician. There are also safety concerns regarding the carbon monoxide leak which is hardly detectable by you due to its odorless nature!

Let us help you keep your cool!

Your air conditioner collects debris which prevents the cool air to flow freely and might instead circulate the dust in the environment. It might create unusual odor or cool the space unevenly. The filters must be changed regularly and the insulation must be inspected as well.

The ductwork needs clean up for the heating and cooling system to work healthfully at the same time preventing heat or cool loss which will affect the health of your budget by causing a higher energy bill!

Air humidifier requires check-up to make sure right amount of moisture is distributed in your environment to prevent mold growth which is a major health concern.

In addition, check-ups are required by manufacturers for effective warranties! Avoid the loss of your HVAC warranty and request maintenance today!

When you request a heating and cooling maintenance service, one of our highly trained and experienced staff will respond to schedule a visit. Our professional staff will arrive at your residential or commercial place on time and inspect your entire heating and cooling system. A contract is offered for 2 annual maintenance appointments for heating and cooling seasons in which all details are laid out.

At each pre-scheduled maintenance, every component of your entire heating and cooling system is inspected and if any repair or replacement is required you will be provided with all available options to help you make the most affordable yet efficient choice. Our experienced staffs are trained to always repair your existing heating and cooling system unless replacement is absolutely necessary.

You should expect excellent heating and cooling maintenance service and we exceed your expectation!

Honesty is our approach and quality service is our motto to earn your trust and provide long lasting heating and cooling maintenance service that keeps you comfortable in any season!

At Fairfax mechanical we maintain your heating & cooling system so you don’t have to experience discomfort in your own home or office.

Request a heating & cooling maintenance service NOW!

Installation, Repair, Maintenance, High Quality Products, Honest Assessment, Fair PriceCentral

eating and air conditioning is the whole package of equipments to regulate the temperature in your entire residential or commercial place.

At Fairfax Mechanical, we install, repair and maintain all major brands of central heating and air conditioning systems.

Our technicians are licensed and regularly get trained for each brand to stay up to date with the latest high tech products in the market.

If you need to install a brand new central heating and air conditioning system, give us a call NOW.


Before installing any new central heating and air conditioning system, we recommend to know your options!

Central HVAC systems provide cool and warm air throughout the building via ductworks which are insulated and have vent covers located in walls, floors and ceilings.

There are 2 main types of central systems:

  1. Ductless systems
  2. Packaged systems

Ductless systems are divided to outdoor and indoor components. The condenser coil and compressor are located outside but the evaporator coil and furnace or heat pump are inside. Ductless systems are the best choice for places that already have a furnace but need an air conditioner.

Packaged systems hold the evaporator, condenser and compressor all in a single unit outdoor or on the rooftop.

Central Cooling

The cooling task of your central HVAC system is done by air conditioner. An air conditioner is like a refrigerator but it doesn’t have the insulated box. It too utilizes the evaporation of a chemical refrigerant to cool the air.

How does central cooling works?

A compressor makes the cool refrigerant compressed, making it hot and high-pressure gas. The hot gas goes through a set of coils in the condenser so it can release the heat and become a cool liquid. The liquid passes through an expansion valve and by evaporation becomes cold, low-pressure gas. The cold gas moves through a set of coils to absorb heat. A blower moves the air over these coils resulting in creation of cold air. The cold air is then pumped through your ductworks in the entire building. The refrigerant is pumped back to the compressor for the cycle to begin again.

The heat absorbed by the refrigerant is blown outside your building. Moisture that causes humidity is also condensed out of the conditioned air by humidifier.

Central Heating

Central heating system has a main heating appliance such as a furnace which is often located in your basement, garage or rooftop.

It can also use heat pump to distribute warm air more evenly. It works with electricity and creates less heat compared to furnace but it can act as air conditioner in the summer to cool the place.

Depending on your situation, you have the choice of electric or gas fuel sources or you can have a hybrid central system that can use both fuel types and provide backup system!

How does central heating works?

Gas fuel is flown to the burner in your furnace and passed through a heat exchanger. Air from your place hits the heat exchanger and becomes warm. It is then blown through ductwork to be distributed around your place.

In electrical furnace, electric elements which are controlled by circuit breakers produce heat instead of gas burner.

In warm months of the year, the central heating works with central air conditioning. The cooling coil of air conditioning unit is often attached to the blower of the furnace, so as the air is cooled, it is blown over and sent through ductworks in all rooms.

Central humidifier adds enough moisture to protect you from dryness symptoms and your walls and furniture from cracks.

Central HVAC advantages:

  • Heating options are flexible due to having ductworks so either a furnace or heat pump can be used for heating.
  • Temperature is more even in the entire place.
  • Air is filtered before being distributed in the building.
  • Humidity is controlled by removing excess moisture or adding when it is needed in dry environment.
  • Ductworks are built-in so they offer a more hidden look.
  • It lasts for 20 years.

Central HVAC disadvantages:

  • It requires ductworks through entire building which is high cost and maintenance and not to mention the messy installation process.
  • Ductworks are associated with 30% energy loss when air is moving throughout different parts of the building.
  • It will be heating and cooling rooms that are not necessarily used.
  • You will only have single temperature in the entire building unless you have zoning set up.

At Fairfax Mechanical we help you choose the central heating and air conditioning system that is right for you. We can customize the central system that best match your situation and let you choose from a range of high quality products with high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings.

We offer FREE QUOTE for installation!


If you have recently noticed cold or hot spots in your place or there is too much noise or bad odor coming from vent coverings, it might be the time to repair your central heating and air conditioning system before facing replacement cost!

High energy bills are also an indicator of energy loss through your central system which is working harder than normal!


Your brand new installation requires regular maintenance with licensed service providers in order to benefit from manufacturers warranty.

Your old central system will last longer if maintained at regular intervals so the small issues can be detected and fixed early before causing any major damage and a big replacement cost.

Our maintenance contract guarantees that your central heating and air conditioning runs smoothly all year round providing you with health, comfort, reasonable energy bill and peace of mind!

At Fairfax Mechanical, we aim to serve you professionally with our expertise and honesty to make sure you are comfortable at your own place without spending more than it is needed for central heating and air conditioning system.

Is your boiler keeping you cold this winter?

Give us a call and we will fix it for you!

At Fairfax Mechanical, we specialize in anything HVAC including boilers. We install, repair and maintain your boiler so it can work full life cycle, helping you stay warm and healthy while saving money!

Boiler installation

If you are planning to install a boiler, it is always better to know more about the product, available options and how they work. This way, you can make an informative decision and choose a trusted service provider to do the job for you.

How does a boiler work?

Boiler is an equipment to provide heat just like furnace or heat pump but it works differently and provides hot water too!

It can be part of a central heating system or work stand alone.

It might be powered by gas, oil or electricity but it works in a similar way nonetheless. It uses the fuel to heat water and pump it to all radiators located in different parts of your property or radiant floor system throughout your building. Once it travels through the radiator, the heat is transferred to surrounding environment and the air is warmed. The water becomes cold and is pumped back to the boiler just to go through the same process again!

In case of gas and oil fuels, the thermostat detects a drop in temperature and turns the boiler on. The fuel flows into a combustion chamber and gets ignited. The combustion energy caused by the ignition is transferred to a heat exchanger running alongside a pipe or chamber that holds cold water. This water is then heated and distributed to give off its heat to the entire building and provide hot water.

In case of electric boiler, the electricity heats electric elements which in turn transfer the heat to the water. The electric boiler is definitely cleaner in terms of environmental concerns but it is more expensive and less efficient compared to its counterparts.

There are 3 main types of boilers that are different in the way they handle water storage:

  1. Conventional
  2. Conventional boilers are used in places with traditional heating systems. The hot water is pumped to a cylinder to be stored for later use. This type of boiler requires a cold water storage tank and an additional tank to keep water levels consistent throughout the system. It might be helpful in summer since the boiler doesn’t need to be turned on every time you need hot water!
  3. System
  4. System boilers also store hot water in storage tank but they take the cold water directly from your water piping system; therefore, a cold water thank is not required. Another advantage is that other components are integrated into the boiler itself to save space and make installation easier!
  5. Combi
  6. Combi boilers are the latest generation that has become very popular due to their many advantages. Combi boilers heat water as it comes directly from the pipes meaning they heat water as soon as you turn on a tap in the shower, bathroom or kitchen; therefore, there is no need for hot water cylinder or cold water storage tank. Combi boilers are extremely efficient but in the summertime the boiler will heat up every time you turn on a tap for hot water which is not energy efficient or temperature friendly for surrounding environment!

Each type of boiler has its own advantages and disadvantages so it really depends on your specific need and preference. You definitely want a boiler that has reasonable price and excellent efficiency while providing heat for your entire residential or commercial building without raising your energy bill unreasonably.

Condensing and non-Condensing boilers

In addition to categorizing boilers in the above 3 type, they are also either condensing or non-condensing.

Condensing boilers capture the heat that is normally lost through steam in conventional boilers. They condense the steam (hence the name) and deliver it back to the boiler in a condensate pipe! The condensation makes them more efficient. According to GSA, under the right conditions, they will outperform non-condensing boilers by 14%.

Boiler repair

If your property is not heated enough or you are showering with cold water and there is too many noises coming from your boiler, it is not working properly due to some technical problems. The pilot light might be broken, the water is probably leaking somewhere and thermostat is not detecting the right temperature! Perhaps you are seeing a sudden surge in your energy bill as well?!

Whatever the technical problem is, our highly trained and experienced technicians can detect the issue and solve it cost effectively.

Boiler Maintenance

If you do not want to experience cold shower in a winter morning, it is wiser to pre-schedule maintenance with us. This way you avoid unexpected big replacement cost too!

Regular maintenance keeps your boiler working properly all heating season and provides hot water all year round without breaking your budget.

At Fairfax Mechanical, we are committed to serve you promptly and professionally. Your trust is our reward and we value our relationship and lasting happy memories for years to come.

Fair price is the foundation of our high quality service and we give our most honest assessment to save you from expensive options when buying or repairing your boiler.

Don’t wait till the emergency call, give us a call now!

Do you want to have a quieter HVAC system that doesn’t occupy space in your backyard?

Then Rooftop Systems are the right choice for you!

At Fairfax Mechanical, we specialize in Rooftop Systems. We install, repair and maintain Rooftop Packages in Northern Virginia in order to help you have the comfort and health you deserve and the budget you can afford.

Rooftop System Installation

If you are interested in buying a brand new rooftop system, we recommend getting to know them first. This way you are more confident when talking to a service provider and comparing different options.

How does a Rooftop System work?

A packaged HVAC system located on the roof of a building is called Rooftop System or RTU.

They provide heating, ventilation and air conditioning in one single cabinet which is connected to the ventilation part of the system.

Rooftop systems are capable of both heating and cooling and can be configured either as air conditioner or as heater.

They are also capable of multi-zoning configuration which helps you have different temperatures in every part of your property.

With presence of a humidifier in a rooftop system, it can also regulate humidity level. It is a great asset for increasing indoor air quality, an advantage that split systems do not have!

The cabinet houses compressor, fan, condenser coil, blower, dampers, air handler and evaporator coil all in one place. This makes it easier to install and maintain in contrast to split systems that have two cabinets in separate locations, one inside the building and the other outside.

The ventilation part includes return and supply vents, ductwork, filters and a circulating fan which pulls the air from inside your rooms through the return vents, into the ductwork and over the equipment that either heat or cool the air. Then it pushes the conditioned air back into your rooms through the supply vents.

The cooling process starts with cool, low-pressure chemical refrigerant arriving at the compressor to turn into a hot, high-pressure gas and then flow into the condenser coil to become a cool liquid. The condenser fan blows the exhausted air away from the building through the ductwork into the rooftop. The liquid refrigerant passes through evaporator coil and turns into a gas to be able to absorb heat from the air that has been pulled by the circulating fan and make it ice-cold. The fan blows the ice-cold air through the supply vents into your rooms.

Filters are placed over the return vents to prevent contaminants from entering to the sensitive system. The now warm refrigerant circulates back to the compressor to release its heat through the exhaust system and begin the process again until the room temperature reaches your pre-set degree.

The heating mode starts by return air arriving at heat exchanger which has become hot by the burner. At the contact, the air becomes warm and is pushed into your rooms by a fan through the supply vents.

Rooftop systems are commonly used by commercial buildings but residential properties can also enjoy the benefits of installing them. They don’t create noise as much as other HVAC systems and don’t occupy your backyard in addition to being super efficient.

Rooftop systems are built in different types and sizes, from 1.5 tons up to 162 tons of capacity which should be imperative to the size of your property. That is why only a professional can help you select the right system. Our experienced team conducts an honest and accurate assessment of your needs to help you maximize comfort and performance while minimizing costs.

Rooftop systems are built in different types and sizes, from 1.5 tons up to 162 tons of capacity which should be imperative to the size of your property. That is why only a professional can help you select the right system. Our experienced team conducts an honest and accurate assessment of your needs to help you maximize comfort and performance while minimizing costs.

There are many high quality brands in the market which makes the choice difficult for you. Our staffs are constantly trained with all major brands to stay up to date with their technological developments and they can help choose the most appropriate brand and model for your unique needs and preferences while providing reliability and flexibility.

Rooftop System Repair

Rooftop systems just like all HVAC units are complicated machines that use potentially hazardous chemicals so it is wiser to leave the repairing task to professionals who have received extensive training and licensing.

Fairfax mechanical is your trusted service provider, capable of quickly detecting the problem and offering a solution that is the most efficient in terms of cost and performance.

Give us a call at 202-552-9474 and we will be with you shortly.

Rooftop System Maintenance

In order for you to benefit from your rooftop system warranty and keep it working at peak performance, we offer our pre-scheduled maintenance services.

Our professional staff will inspect your entire rooftop system regularly to make sure any small issue doesn’t turn into an unexpected budget crashing problem.

Our maintenance services also provide you with the peace of mind so you have one less thing to worry about which is the biggest return of investment!

Start your rooftop maintenance TODAY before it is too late.

Have you been sneezing too much recently? Are you experiencing runny nose frequently? Are your employees having hard time concentrating or performing efficiently?

If the answer is yes, it might have something to do with the maintenance of your HVAC system!

According to United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) central HVAC systems can collect pollution if they are not maintained and cleansed regularly which can make the air indoor 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outdoor! IAQ is ranked among the top 5 environmental public health risks by this organization.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) also considers inadequate HVAC maintenance as a major cause of poor indoor air quality which can cause concentration difficulty, fatigue, headaches, skin rashes and eye, nose, throat and lung irritation.

Research data conducted by The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology shows that 50% of all illnesses are either caused or aggravated by poor IAQ.

At Fairfax Mechanical, we offer indoor Air Quality (IAQ) services for HVAC owners in North Virginia to help you breathe the cleanest air possible inside your own property along with your family, employees and clients.

AS part of any high quality HVAC system is the air filtration system which places high tech HEPA filters over vent coverings in order to capture pollutions and contaminants of any kind. The HEPA filters are built from several layers to ensure that no allergen or pathogen can pass through.

Proper ventilation is important to maintain the right ratio of gases to ensure not too much carbon dioxide is in the air you breathe. It might be achieved by remodeling ductwork and vent coverings, adding make-up air or reconfiguring your HVAC settings.

Air humidification is critical in terms of both adding and removing moisture. Too much moisture can lead to mold build up that spread to other areas. Too little moisture can lead to dryness and spread of dust and mites. Central humidifier is a critical part of any HVAC system.

Air purification is possible with the help of air purifiers to remove microorganisms from the air by the use of both an advanced HEPA filter for larger particles and electrostatic fields for microscopic particles. Ultraviolet ray air purifiers are also available to destroy microbial particles without using any physical filter.

According to EPA there are many pollutants in the environment resulted from particulate emissions, building materials, fabrics, moisture and pesticides, just to name a few. If they get trapped inside your HVAC system, they will be circulated with the air that is flowing into your rooms. The health effects might be immediate after exposure like allergy symptoms or it may show up years later as a chronic disease like lung or heart issue.

As scary as it sounds, there is a solution for this problem and it is called Duct Cleaning!

We are expert at HVAC systems and Duct Cleaning in order to optimize your health and maximize the performance of your HVAC which will also lead to a decrease in your energy bill!

How is Duct Cleaning performed?

Duct cleaning is the process of removing pollutions from your entire HVAC system with more emphasize on ductwork, filters and humidifier.

It starts by covering the vent coverings in order to prevent any debris from leaking into your rooms. Flooring and any surface that might be affected is covered too.

An industrial air pressure vacuum containing HEPA filters is connected to your ductwork from the outside.

The vacuum pulls the dust and debris collected in your ductwork into a truck.

The ductwork is inspected by our experienced staffs to confirm the result.

The equipment cabinets of your HVAC system are inspected and cleaned as well with more focus on coils that either absorb or release heat and moisture from the air which makes them an ideal place for dirt collection.

Any water leak is fixed and resulting mold is removed accordingly. If necessary, chemical solutions are used safely to remove molds.

Refrigerant leak is also corrected which is extremely harmful.

Most importantly, the filters are replaced with a new set.

Advantages of Regular Duct Cleaning:

  • Prevents buildup of pathogens and allergens
  • Reduces asthma and allergy symptoms
  • Increases your lifespan
  • Increases HVAC performance
  • Reduces energy bill
  • Reduces HVAC repairs
  • Increases HVAC lifespan

If you use Restaurant Kitchen Equipment, we repair it!

Restaurant kitchen equipment is the heart of any restaurant without which there will be no delicious meal and dessert to serve to demanding customers.

At Fairfax Mechanical, we are expert at Installing, repairing and maintenance of all major brands of Kitchen Equipment to help you get the best of your restaurant investment.

We cover all your kitchen equipment needs and provide highly trained and experienced staff for HVAC, refrigeration, electrical and plumbing systems.

We specialize in everything restaurant kitchen equipment and offer our services to Northern Virginia to help local restaurant businesses succeed and local people enjoy their meals in restaurants!

Kitchen Equipment Installation

If you are just opening a new restaurant or expanding the existing one, installing kitchen equipment is on top of your list.

Restaurant kitchen equipments are too many such as refrigeration, cooking, sinks and dish washing machines which have different brands, types and sizes.

Safety is a priority in restaurant kitchen. There are fire and heat and too many devices working with electricity or gas which make it an ideal place for combustion; therefore, proper combustible clearance is critical for safety concerns.

The installation should be optimized for your unique needs and preferences so all restaurant staffs are comfortable doing their job while customers are enjoying their meal.

Only factory trained and experienced technicians can correctly and safely install your equipment and Fairfax Mechanical has such technicians!

Restaurant HVAC systems

HVAC systems in restaurants are more sensitive compared to other commercial buildings. Due to the presence of too much heat, odor and food safety concerns, a HVAC in a restaurant must be able to replace and condition a lot of exhaust air and cool too much heat.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is of high importance in a restaurant because of all gases and smokes that can be dangerous for health of your customers and employees.

Proper ventilation is essential for safety and comfort of all people present and make-up air can help to achieve that but it must be done professionally because either too much or too little will disrupt the system.

Range Hoods and fans must be positioned correctly to pull out all gases, greases, smokes, vapors and odors in order to provide the highest air quality possible in a restaurant. More emphasize must be put on collecting dangerous odorless gases such as carbon monoxide resulted from the gas-powered stove tops.

When installing HVAC system, the dining room, restroom and outdoor dining should be considered as well.

Restaurant HVAC should have a careful and calculated design so no extra cost is paid for equipment that are not necessary and will just increase your utility bill.

Not done properly, it will cause customer dissatisfaction, less employee productivity, food spoilage and high energy bill which all results in financial loss for you, not to mention the safety concerns!

At Fairfax Mechanical we offer design creativity and technical skills which are necessary for standard kitchen HVAC installation.

Restaurant Refrigeration

Restaurant refrigeration has many varieties which include walk-in, reach-in and bar fridges. They come in wide range of sizes and brands.

They must be selected in proportion to your restaurant size in order to avoid unnecessary cost and installed in correct location for maximum food safety, productivity and comfort.

At Fairfax mechanical we have worked with many restaurants and gained deep knowledge of the business requirement. We also have immense experience with many refrigeration brands which makes us a reliable source when it comes to installing your refrigeration system.

Restaurant Ice Makers

Ice makers are essential part of any restaurant kitchen in order to serve ice-cold drinks that customers always demand. They come in different shapes and models such as full cube, half cube, flake, nugget and specialty.

We, at Fairfax Mechanical, offer our extensive experience installing restaurant ice makers of any major brand in order to help you keep serving your loyal customers.

Kitchen Equipment Repair

We know that TIME is the most critical factor in your restaurant which contributes a lot to your success that is why we always prioritize restaurant repair emergencies!

Our highly trained and licensed staffs will arrive at your restaurant promptly to inspect the situation honestly and offer all affordable options professionally. They will execute the solution immediately and will leave only when your kitchen is working efficiently again.

Fridges are expensive and normally hold great amount of inventory. Even the shortest downtime can cause food safety concerns and financial damage

We fix issues related to power, temperature, compressor, evaporator fan and lighting and provide services such as case cleaning, defrosting, de-icing and leak fixing.

Ice makers come in different models and makes but their issues are the same. Often mineral deposit will result in the water system becoming coated with mineral residue which will reduce performance and cause problems such as slow ice making, low water flow, water leaking inside or outside and too much noise.

We make sure your ice maker is quickly up and running to serve your customers.

Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a smart choice to avoid emergency repairs and replacements, reduce downtime and loss of customers.

Regular maintenance puts your mind at ease and keeps your biggest worry at bay which is the best result you can get from any service!

You can also enjoy the benefits of your equipments’ warranty if they are regularly maintained by a licensed service provider.

By maintaining your equipments with a pre-scheduled plan, they will work more efficiently which leads to reduced energy bill, longer lifespan and higher customer satisfaction.

We offer maintenance contracts in which your restaurant kitchen equipment will be inspected at regular intervals by our factory qualified and licensed technicians to make sure your equipments are working at their best.

Fairfax Mechanical is your reliable service provider that offers honest and high standard service at fair price and in return, your trust is the best result we can get from any job!

If you don’t have boiler system, you will need a separate water heater to provide hot water in your property.

Water heaters are common and less expensive compared to central or boiler systems.

At Fairfax Mechanical, we install, repair and maintain all major brands of water heaters in the market to help you have hot water any time of the year.

Water heater installation

Installation should be done by professional technicians who have the relevant training and experience but you should know about the basics of water heater function as well in order to be able to choose the right water heater. There are many types, sizes and brands in the market that can make choosing a bit difficult for you.

How does a water heater work?

Water heaters are categorized base on fuel source or storage type.

The tank storage type works with gas or electricity but there are hybrid models as well. The tank less water heater works with gas or electricity.

Tank water heaters

When choosing tank water heaters, you should consider capacity which is from 20 to 80 gallons. FHR or first hour rating can help you choose the right water heater because it refers to the amount of hot water used in the first hour of operation which might be morning or evening depending on your work schedule. It is printed on the tank and should be in proportion to your needs.

Tank water heaters have some protective measures which include the temperature and pressure-relief valve or the T & P valve. They open and release water if the temperature of water is too hot or the pressure inside the tank is too high to ensure the water heater doesn’t explode.

The tank is insulated to hold heat for a longer period of time and to prevent heat transfer from water to the metal tank

Tank Water heaters have a drain valve on the side of the tank to drain the water heater and reduce residue build up which should be done regularly and professionally.

Water heaters also have an anode rod, which is made of a metal that rusts faster than the metal of the tank itself. This anode rod prevents the water heater tank from rusting and should be replaced every 1-2 years.

There is also expansion tank which is a very important safety measure device because as water is heated inside the main tank, its volume and pressure increases and thermal expansion happens which might lead to explosion if not controlled properly! An expansion tank takes off some of this thermal expansion by draining the excess water into a bladder within itself. Expansion tank is a small tank in various sizes which should be proportionate to the size of water heater, water pressure and the temperature of heated water. It is often placed next to water heater or on top of it.

Gas tank water heater:

The hybrid type of water heaters are energy efficient because they have been engineered to utilize electricity along with a heat pump technology.

A fan at the top of the water heater pulls the air from the surrounding environment into an evaporator. Refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs the heat from air and runs through a compressor which increases the temperature and pressure. The now heated refrigerant passes through the condenser coil located around the tank and transfers the heat to the water.

Essentially the hybrid water heater utilizes heat within your space to heat the water in the tank rather than using only electricity which is smart!

Tank less water heaters

Tank less water heaters are also called on-demand water heaters and run with gas or electricity.

They take less space and are more energy efficient because a coil system heats the water only when you open a tap. They are more expensive than the tank water heaters but instead lower your energy bill which in the long run makes a significant difference. According to department of energy, 18% of energy uses is due to water heaters! In addition, you may also be qualified for rebate!

Well-maintained, the residential models have a life span of 10-15 years and some commercial models last for more than 20 years.

We at Fairfax Mechanical have extensive experience installing all types and brands of water heaters that sincerely offer it to you.

Water heater repair

Water heaters might cause problems when you least expect them like leaving you without hot water in the middle of winter!

We are always prepared to help you with such emergencies. Our qualified staff will inspect the problem and provide you with the most efficient solution so you can have your hot water back immediately!

Water heater maintenance

In order to avoid emergency repairs or replacement, it is smarter to have regular maintenance at pre-set schedule. Not only you are saved from replacement cost, but your water heater works more efficiently causing a decrease in your energy bill.

Thermostat setting, sediment cleansing, anode rod changing and pressure relief valve testing are all done in regular bases before they stop working all together!

We offer preventative maintenance contract that provides our expertise at regular intervals to help you pay less for water heater repairs, replacement and energy bill and also benefit from your water heater’s warranty.

Fairfax Mechanical is your trusted water heater service provider with highly qualified technicians that know everything about water heaters.

Is the cold weather making your skin dry? Or maybe running the heater too hot makes the air in your property dry?

Humidifier is the solution to solve your dryness problem!

Humidifier is a device that controls the humidity level in the air inside a property by adding or removing moisture. It humidifies the air when an external or internal factor is sapping the moisture out of the air. Either very cold or very hot weather can dry the air.

Humidifier can be a part of your HVAC system although there are portable options as well which have less power and thus cover a smaller area.

At Fairfax Mechanical, we cover all your humidifier needs including installation, repair and maintenance so you don’t have to breathe dry air.

Benefits of Humidifier

Humidifier has many benefits for your health and longevity by controlling humidity in the air which in both extremes can be problematic.

Certain airborne pathogens move easier in dry air that is why flu is common in cold weather. Dryness can also cause dry skin. Adding moisture to the air hydrates your skin and soothes irritated and inflamed sinuses and airways which reduce nasal secretions to make breathing easier. It can also help you sleep better.

Dry air also damages musical instruments, furniture, cabinets, walls and wallpapers and increases static electricity which in turn damages sensitive electrical equipment not to mention the annoying effect it has on your hair!

Installing a central humidifier saves you energy and money because higher humidity level allows you to set your thermostat lower which cuts back on your electric bill.

Fairfax Mechanical has qualified staffs with deep understanding of humidifier systems and requirements that can help you get the best of your humidifier.

How does a central Humidifier work?

Central Humidifier is integrated into your HVAC system so it can humidify the air while it is being heated. The water is pumped automatically into the humidifier from household plumbing.

Humidifier is available in different designs, systems and sizes but all of them turn water into vapor to be vented into your building at an adjustable rate.

There are different types of humidifier systems:

  • Drum Humidifier which has a rotating sponge that absorbs water from a tray. Air from central HVAC system blows through the sponge, collects moisture and passes through the furnace to vaporize it and flow it through the ductwork into your rooms. The drum type requires more maintenance because mold and impurities can accumulate in water tray.
  • Bypass Humidifier or flow-through also uses the furnace to add moisture to warm air. It takes warm air from the ductwork and passes it through a water tray to allow the air collect moisture and deliver it back into the building. A bypass humidifier can be installed on the supply or return vent of your central HVAC. Excess water exits the tray into a drain tube and no stagnant water remains; therefore, less maintenance is required because the draining process has a self-cleaning effect.
  • Fan-Powered Humidifier uses a fan to push the air through the water tray to increase water evaporation. It can produce up to a gallon more humidity per day compared to bypass humidifier. It is also more energy efficient because the internal fan uses electricity as much as a 25W light bulb.
  • Steam Humidifier boils water electrically to create steam for humidity which is then picked up and pushed through the ductwork. It is fast and efficient in increasing and maintaining proper levels of humidity in your property while keeping it pure and natural. Steam humidifier creates moisture regardless of your heating/cooling system and is a great option for bigger spaces.

Humidifier is controlled by a humidistat which is adjustable. Some new models are automatic but they all require your attention. The humidistat contains a chart that is used to properly set the humidity level based on the outdoor temperature. If adjustment is not done, condensation collects on the cool surfaces and potentially cause mold growth or wood rot

We at Fairfax Mechanical have extensive experience in installing every type of humidifier system and in repairing when they cause problem.

Humidifier Maintenance

If not maintained properly, humidifiers can sometimes cause diseases. There is risk of contamination from airborne pollutants such as bacteria and fungi which can grow in humidifiers and circulate in the air by vapor. The symptoms range from flu-like symptoms to serious infections and inflammations.

They might also cause white dust from minerals in the water to accumulate on the surfaces.

Over-humidified air will cause condensed water to appear on the interior surfaces of windows and other cool surfaces. Excessive moisture can damage windowpanes and walls but it can also collect on the inner lining of walls which can ruin insulation and cause peeling, cracking or blistering the paint which in turn leads to mold accumulation. Molds grow in moist environments and can be hazardous to people with compromised immune system.

Fairfax Mechanical offers preventative maintenance contract to help you avoid emergency repair and replacement costs while allowing your humidifier to work efficiently and reduce your energy bill considerably. Our highly trained and experienced staffs will inspect your humidifier at pre-set appointments to make sure it is working at its best and cleanest.

Our goal in Fairfax Mechanical is to be honest and fair in our assessment to help you have the most appropriate level of humidity in your property and enjoy the health and financial benefits of having a Humidifier.

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