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Drains can clog in the kitchen sink, shower and bathroom causing bad odors and troubles. Food particles, grease, hair and soap scum are often the cause and home solution drain cleaners are simply not enough to chemically dissolve the clog and open the drain. Sewer lines may also get clogged by tree roots that can cause backup in all drains in your building.

We at Fairfax Mechanical provide drain cleaning services for residential and commercial properties in Northern Virginia. We are licensed by the state and WSSC water and we hold green plumbing certification.

We are expert at safe and effective drain cleaning. We normally use drain auger to break up the toughest clog and open up the pipe without using any strong and hazardous chemical.

Call us at (202) 552 94 74 when you need urgent drain cleaning and we promise to be prompt and professional.

Water heater is a must for every property as it provides hot water for kitchen, shower and bathroom all year round. It comes in variety of brands, types and sizes which makes the choice difficult for you!

There are 2 main types of water heater in the market that work with either gas or electricity:

  • Tank water heater has a storage tank of 20 to 80 gallons to hold hot water for later use. It has FHR rating (first hour rating) to help you choose the right size for your needs. It comes with full safety measures to prevent overheating or explosion by controlling temperature, pressure and rusting.
  • Tank-less water heater provides hot water whenever you open a tap. It has a coil system to heat the water on demand. It is the more efficient and space saving option and comes with a higher price tag but will lower your energy bill significantly in the long term.

Fairfax Mechanical offers water heater installation, repair and maintenance services to all residential and commercial properties in Northern Virginia. We can help you choose the most appropriate type and brand of water heater according to your circumstances.

Piping in the building is like a vein system that distributes clean water and discharges waste material. It is essential for a healthy life and society and usually lasts for a very long time but it is not immune to damages!

Sometimes pipe remodeling and rerouting is the best and most affordable option when you are constantly faced with clogged or leaky drains in your kitchen or bathroom which risks your health and hygiene along with your budget. Eventually the leak will spread to other areas causing more damage and mold growth which is considered a serious health risk.

At Fairfax Mechanical, we can consult you honestly on pipe remodeling and rerouting design, cost and installation in order for you to avoid unnecessary payments. The new piping designed by our qualified and experienced plumbers will be efficient and long lasting.

Faucets are used on regular bases in the kitchen, shower, tub, bathroom or outdoor so wearing off and leaking out are common problems and that is why they account for the most water waste and higher water bill as well. Faucets also add to the aesthetic and value of your property if they are replaced with quality modern sets.

Fairfax Mechanical can help you save money and water by fixing leaky faucets as soon as they are broken. We offer an honest assessment and provide you with the most affordable options in case of replacement so you know your choices.

Toilet is one of the most important parts of every residential or commercial property that being out of order, will risk health and comfort of the residents. Toilet can become leaky or over flowing which leads to high water waste and bill. In most cases, your toilet is repairable but after many years of work, maintenance cost is probably higher compared to replacement cost. New toilets are also more efficient in terms of water usage rating which in turn leads to lower water bills!

At Fairfax Mechanical, we are available 24/7 for toilet repair services and can help you choose the right toilet type and brand, along with installation and maintenance.

Garbage disposal system protects your pipes from clogging by grinding the food particles that passes from kitchen sink. So if it doesn’t grind the food or makes too much noise or stops working all together, make an inspection appointment immediately to avoid drain clog and cleaning cost.

We at Fairfax Mechanical are available on demand to fix your garbage disposal system and help you prevent unnecessary cost of drain cleaning or replacement. Our regular maintenance inspections will keep your garbage disposal system working efficiently.

Detecting leaks help you save money on your water bill and prevent water waste along with preventing the costly repairs on the floor beneath kitchen sink, toilet or bath tub. Leaks necessarily don’t have sound or visible sign for a long time but their damage will suddenly show up especially if the leak has accumulated underneath a slap in the foundation of your building. If left undetected, the deep damage to the foundation may crash your budget and threaten your health as the mold will grow and spread to the ducks and circulate in the air you breathe.

Regular inspection by professional plumbers can detect any leak before damage has happened deep in your property.

We at Fairfax Mechanical offer our leak detection services on a regular base in order to help you avoid the high cost of property repair and appliance replacement and protect your health from leak consequences.

Plumbing is an integrated part of every building that directs the flow of water in and out. Due to its importance, plumbing emergencies require immediate attention that often happen when you least expect them. It doesn’t matter if it is toilet overflow, drain clog or broken pipe, the shock of losing water and toilet along with high volume of water being wasted is annoying and frustrating; therefore, having a professional plumber promptly present is a gift!

We at Fairfax Mechanical are available 24/7 for plumbing emergencies in residential and commercial properties in Northern Virginia to provide you with the peace of mind and comfort of having your water flowing and toilet working.

Call us at (202) 552 94 74 for your plumbing emergencies to receive a guaranteed prompt and effective service.